Opening Game: JBST Little League

May 19, 2012 Comments Off on Opening Game: JBST Little League


Given that the first day of Spring Little League was on Mother’s day we had a predictably small but sweet turn out. It was great to see these players and their parents incorporate soccer into their family time, and the game proved to be an exciting way to spend it. At three players per team, JBST KR with coach Nicola B. played JBST WPG coached by Arnan
C. Here’s a recap of this sunny day of soccer:

Tweet! At 1:45 sharp the whistle blows. WPG is on the offensive with two forwards and one mid-fielder/defender in the back and JBST KR is on the defensive with one striker and two midfielders/defenders. It takes the players the first 12 minutes to read their opponents strategies but at the 30 minute mark the ever-tactical Matthias scores the first goal for KR. It proves to be the catalyst for a high-action game as not long after the quick and powerful Timmy takes a
powerful shot and scores a second goal for KR. WPG doesn’t stay scoreless for long however as Isaac manages to wield his way to the net and score a great goal. The first half ends with a score of 2-1 for KR.

The KR players continue to play a strong offensive game at the beginning of the second half but WPG has a substitute player up their sleeve. They bring in Ashton, who uses his fresh energy to score two goals right off the bat. WPG comes back as Matthias uses his dummy moves and scores his second goal. The game is tied up again at 3-3. Officially a nail-biter, the game goes into fifteen minutes of overtime. The players give their all. KR’s Riley expertly works to set up goals while WPG’s Nicholas plays a tough and smart defense. At the end of the fifteen minutes it is clear that both teams badly want the win as each manages to score one more goal.

The game ends in a 4-4 tie!

This was a memorable first game for the JBST Spring Little League, one that we felt was worthy of a recap. We’d like to thank the Mother’s for being willing to spend part of their day at the soccer field and congratulate them for raising such talented and enthusiastic young soccer players. We hope this exciting game helped make Mother’s day a special one for you! JBST has been dreaming of running a league like this for the past twelve years and is thrilled to finally be
running it!