2012 Presidential Election in the United States of America

April 18, 2012 Comments Off on 2012 Presidential Election in the United States of America

2012 Presidential Election in the United States of America:
Six Republican Candidates in Primary race



Although people from some countries criticize American politics, especially in regard to foreign policies of dominating other nations, embarking on unjustified wars, and policing the international community, the United States of America has cemented a solid foundation of democracy in the upcoming presidential election. This aspect of democracy in choosing the 2012 national leader has proven its fairness in the presidential candidates¡¯ competition.

The 2012 American presidential election is again on board and six Republican candidates have begun their political campaigns. We now know that 55 year old State congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota wants to be the first American female president.? The retired African American businessman Cain Herman, who is now 60 years old and from Georgia, would like to be the next Republican Obama in the White House. ?Also, we have Gingrich Newton, the former Speaker of the U.S.A House of Representatives from 1995- 98, who is running for the Presidential Palace, and he is 68 years while the 64 year old man, Mitt Romney, is also running for president. His father George Romney was a Republican nominee who was defeated by Richard Nixon in 1968.
Furthermore, there is also Rick Sontorum, the son of Aldo, an Immigrant from Italy who dreamed of the White House for the past 53 years, before running his campaign. Finally, Paul Ron is 77 years old, and not only is he a Republican Congressman but also when he was a medical doctor, he delivered 4,000 babies.

All these Republican candidates are married, have more than one child and have grandchildren, which goes with the conservative values of the United States of America. They want to overthrow the African American President Barack Hussein Obama. According to a CNN survey, President Obama has the lowest American approval rating of 36% after President George W. Bush, due to the employment crisis.

It is clear that since July 4, 1776, the United States of America has cemented an unshakable democracy, and that all of these candidates hope to be the next 45th president of the United States, regardless of his or her background.

Viva Democracy!