Soccer Philosophy

April 18, 2012 Comments Off on Soccer Philosophy


It is important for one to develop a clear philosophy toward those things which he or she is passionate.  Let us therefore develop a “Soccer Philosophy”! While it may seem strange, it is possible to do so. Philosophy, named by Pythagorus, stands for the love of wisdom. Those who are wise to the game of soccer know that physical and mental health, fair play and the cultivation of friendships are paramount to the sport.

Firstly, people who play soccer aim to focus their mental and physical abilities around the soccer ball. When a player manages to out-maneuver his or her opponents and score a goal, there is a positive repercussion in the mind of the player and his or her teammates as they all experience the joy of the moment.

The second tenant in the philosophy of soccer is fair play. It not only affects the outcome of the game but also the level of respect that is maintained between the players. At the end of the game the winners should still be able to acknowledge the strengths of their opponents and the losers should be able do the same of the winners. This is often difficult for young players, but with proper role-modeling and teaching, they will begin to adapt this mind set.

The final tenant, that is, to cultivate friendships and sportsmanship is possibly the most important.   At the end of a professional game, players will often exchange jerseys or gloves out of mutual appreciation for the others role in the game experience. This is testament to the importance of not only winning but also making friends in the game. This must be instilled in our players at a young age. This will happen if parents and coaches recognize and communicate that making friends is what makes soccer fun at every level of play.

In Summary, let’s make our youth soccer a healthy, fair and fun experience for our players so that they might adapt and maintain this philosophy.