The Mission:
To educate, inform and engage the soccer community on topics that are relevant to them by creating a space where people can share and learn about soccer. In doing so we intend to bring unity to the soccer community and ignite a passion for the game.

Our Values:
Honesty, Community, Accountability, Hard Work

Our Structure:
JBST Soccer Magazine is a part of JBST Soccer Academy and JBST Soccer Association. All of these organizations form JBST Holdings which was established in Vancouver in 2000.

JBST Holdings is a complex entity whose mission it is to educate Canadians on the beautiful worldwide game of soccer. JBST Soccer Magazine expects its efforts will create a tangible difference in unity and education in the soccer community in the near future. This Online Magazine would not accomplish its mission without the collaboration and support of the community, so Thank You!

The mission statement and value statement have been adopted by JBST Soccer Magazine’s Editorial Team and Board Members. These are the principles upon which our news is based.