Playing And Coaching Soccer Has Been A Phenomenal Experience To Me

July 12, 2013 Comments Off on Playing And Coaching Soccer Has Been A Phenomenal Experience To Me

By Celeste Dyck








My name is Celeste Dyck and I am currently in my fourth year of school at the University of the Fraser Valley striving to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree in Business. I have been playing highly competitive sports since the age of nine. I fell in love with soccer at the age of seven and played for four years. Soccer is one of the sports I could look back on and say it prepared me for the challenges ahead. It taught me communication, leadership, and how to be a team player. These are the attributes that every player strives for and soccer is a great way to learn them.

I started coaching under JBST Soccer Academy just this past spring of 2013 and the experience has been phenomenal! I enjoyed the experience so much that I accepted to coach again this summer.  Jean Jacques Bosco has given me the confidence and leadership skills to coach others. I will continue to learn from him whenever I get chance and aspire to coach like him in the future. He is superb coach who wants to share his passion for soccer to the (2)

JBST Soccer Academy is an excellent program that develops young soccer players into superstars. It covers all aspects of the game and is a great way to make new friends and have fun!

Coaching through JBST Soccer Academy has developed my ability to take these skills and apply them within the community and wherever a such opportunity is given to me. I have now become a more confident and strong person who enjoys coaching all ages.