JBST Soccer Academy in Abbotsford

May 15, 2013 Comments Off on JBST Soccer Academy in Abbotsford

By Natalie Arriaza, JBST Assistant Coach – Abbotsford Exhibition Park

JBST Soccer Academy has been established since 2008 in various locations in the lower mainland. Soccer academies are located at Kerrisdale Community Centre, Old Barn Community Centre, West Point Grey Community Centre and the latest edition in Exhibition Park in Abbotsford.  It is a privilege for children in Abbotsford to have an academy like JBST Soccer where they can:

  • Improve on the skills they already have
  • Learn new skills
  • Have fun
  • Meet new friends and
  • Learn more about the sport

For the passionate sport they love to play, called soccer. In addition, JBST Soccer Academy is a safe environment with coaches that have played soccer for many years and still have such a great passion for the sport. Therefore the kids will feel safe, valued, and encouraged.

Abbotsford is a small community; however with a big heart for soccer. This can be seen in the many kids that are in the Abbotsford Soccer Association. JBST Soccer Academy in Abbotsford is slowly growing. However, needs to keep on growing so the kids can feel more confident on the field. A program like JBST provides a boost of confidence level for the children.  Once a kid feels like they are improving (which they will in the academy) they start to love the sport more and more. Therefore, they will want to keep continuing to play the sport they love. For the reason that soccer is not only fun but super healthy for the young children by keeping them physically fit.

This summer, JBST Soccer Academy will run outdoors again where the kids will enjoy the fresh air.