Interview with Blenz Coffee Franchisee Owner, Ms. Kul Sahdra

April 18, 2012 Comments Off on Interview with Blenz Coffee Franchisee Owner, Ms. Kul Sahdra


I caught up with Ms. Kul Sahdra, soccer Mom and franchisee of my favourite Blenz, in order to ask her a bit about her successful business. The best thing about her location at West Broadway and Maple Street is that it is incredibly central to the Point Grey, Dunbar, Kerrisdale, Marpole and Douglas Park areas. Because of this, many of Ms.Sahdra’s customers are coaches and soccer parents from those areas who gather to discuss league matters and share coaching ideas. As a fellow business owner and champion of all things related to soccer, I knew we’d have lots to talk about.

JBST Soccer Magazine: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your business.
L.S: “My name is Kul Sahdra. I am a mother of one teenager and a young boy. My son loves soccer too. I used to work as an accounting assistant for CG Industrial for 16 years and decided that I wanted to do something else, so I went and approached Blenz Head Office for a location so that I could be my own boss.”

 JBST-SM: When did you open this Blenz and why did you choose this location?
L.S: “I opened here on December 2009. This is the only location they offered to me, it was just by luck that I got this location.”

JBST-SM: Where do most of your customers come from and how do you like the location? I know you are always a busy coffee shop, could you please tell us your secret to attracting so many customers?
L.S: “Most of my customers are from the businesses close by and foot traffic. My employees provide great customer service and are always willing to go that extra mile. We also do not take any short cuts when making the drinks at this store. I also treat my employees with a lot of respect and in turn they do such an awesome job.”

JBST-SM: This looks like a great location for coaches to have soccer meetings and for parents to meet and chat.
L.S: “Yes, we have a community table in this store which makes it easier for groups to have meetings.”

JBST-SM: Do you notice any Moms who play soccer at your shop? Have you ever considered joining a team one day?
L.S:” Maybe someday I will be a soccer-playing Mom. I do not play at the moment, but if other soccer moms come here, I may join them. Who knows, I love the game of soccer. “

JBST-SM: Thank you very much for giving us your valuable time. We also appreciate that you are a fun soccer mom!