JBST Soccer Academy Supports Uganda Children Soccer in Kyabirwa Village

May 15, 2013 Comments Off on JBST Soccer Academy Supports Uganda Children Soccer in Kyabirwa Village

By Kiwanuka Daniel & Godfrey Lufafa

Kyabirwa village was very famous because of its spectacular Bujagali falls. The village used to host thousands of visitors both local and international. Native people used to earn a leaving through traditional dancing, guiding, selling local crafts, fruits and food. In 2010 after establishing the Bujagali Hydro Power Project, the falls submerged and to many residents of Kyabirwa it was the end of the world. They never see visitors again and this means no money. Many children stopped schooling because parents hard no other option.

JBST- DG Uganda Children Soccer Academy attracted many such children and parents and smiles can tell the hope is being regained.

After constant training two of our young boys were spotted by a director of the school in a neighboring district and awarded them scholarship to continue with their education. We hope such will continue to happen to our dear boys and girls.

Local leaders and parents have gain confidence and trust in us, unfortunately we cannot take all the children that late parents are asking us to enroll in our program.

We are so grateful to have Mr. Jean Jacques Bosco who supports us with requirements like sportswear and balls, in December we received a full big suitcase of sports uniforms of different sizes and colors, soccer shoes from him. This changed the mood of our children and it made many to become more proud of being members of JBST- DG Uganda Children Soccer Academy.

We are now in process of registering a CBO, the legal papers have been signed and very soon the academy is going to be registered by the Ugandan government as a legal Community Based Organization.