Amazing Soccer Game — Argentina vs Venezuela

May 15, 2013 Comments Off on Amazing Soccer Game — Argentina vs Venezuela

By Guillaume Forbes, JBST Assistant Coach

The game was fantastic! The game was at River Plate stadium, which can hold an astonishing 70,000 people (And the stadium was full). We grabbed hot dogs just before we met the hostel guides who drove us to the stadium.

River Plate Stadium, Argentina

We made sure to arrive early so we could save our spot, as Argentinians are known for grabbing whichever seats they can get. We watched the stadium slowly fill up as the Venezuelan soccer team was practicing, and soon the match began. The reason this game was a big deal was not only because Argentina was playing at home, but because Leo Messi is playing (who is widely considered the best soccer player in the world).

When Messi scored both goals, the entire stadium chanted his name. Argentina won 3 to 0, in the lead the whole game.

The soccer game was a highlight of my trip to South America!
I really enjoyed coaching with you and thanks for the opportunity.

My dad and I