Editorial – September 2012

August 24, 2012 Comments Off on Editorial – September 2012

Jean Jacques Bosco
Editor in Chief

Letter from the Editor

Wow! What an exciting first quarter for our magazine! Thanks to you, the readers of JBST Soccer magazine, we have been able to create a wide and diverse community since our conception in June 2011.

Now that we have been acquainted and you know what the magazine has to offer, it’s time to celebrate! This issue we are celebrating the inspiring impact local players have made on the international soccer front. In the forefront of everyone’s minds of course is the success of the Canadian women’s team in the Olympics.

And with the new soccer season upon us, the timing for such inspiring events couldn’t be better. I urge everyone to take that spark that was ignited in our hearts as we watched the Canadian women fight for the bronze and turn it into passionate practice and performance on the field this season! This September, players, coaches and parents who are serious about the sport need to ask themselves whether they want to be, or help create International players. If the answer is yes, small goals need to be set toward this ultimate goal. Participation in international competitions is a great start. This summer JBST’s U18 team did just that when they took the opportunity to participate in the Youth World Cup in Gothenburg Sweden.

Coaches can take a page out of the book of Mr. John Herdman who led the Canadian women to beat France for the bronze medal win. His bottom-up approach allows the players to emerge and perform according to their own ideas. In the new world, this approach seems to be taking over the old dictatorial style of coaching, and working. It’s time to reexamine our current coaching and playing styles, and decide whether bottom-up adaptations need to be made. Let’s let the inspiration we are currently feeling sweep us toward International achievements!


Jean Jacques Bosco (Editor in Chief)

U18 JBST Soccer team in Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2012