Editorial-July 2013

July 2, 2013 Comments Off on Editorial-July 2013
Jean Jacques Bosco

Jean Jacques Bosco

It is our pleasure to announce that JBST Soccer Magazine has been in existence for one year! In this July-Summer Issue we are celebrating our first anniversary, since our magazine was founded in July 2012.

JBST Soccer Magazine strives to promote community and professional soccer. Because our vision has met the interests of many readers: locally, nationally, and worldwide; our audience has grown exponentially. Since we have launched our online magazine, we have been able to attract donors and sponsors, who have helped our U-18 JBST Traveling Team to be successful at the youth soccer world cup in Gothenburg, Sweden, in July of 2012.

Most importantly, JBST Soccer Magazine has been avidly read by our players and parents in Victoria so much that our 2013 summer cup in Victoria is now quickly filling up. In this first anniversary of JBST Online Soccer Magazine, we will be launching our very own brand: JBST Soccer Holdings, which includes JBST Soccer Academy, JBST Soccer Club, and JBST Soccer Magazine. All JBST brand merchandise will be available through our online store at the end of the summer. We hope our readers will continue to increase and follow us on our Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, JBST Online Magazine has linked together our soccer community from Vancouver across all of Canada, to South America, Europe, and Africa. We are receiving positive feedback from our readers worldwide, and will continue to provide fascinating updates for all our fans. These opinions and suggestions are helping us improve and promote the beautiful game of soccer, and we thank all our readers for their contributions. Without them, our magazine would not be flourishing.

JBST Online Soccer Magazine will always do its best to provide you with accurate, entertaining, and relevant information, which will galvanize the passion for soccer in Canadians and others throughout the world.